This research was completed in 2017 and is being updated for 2023 publication.  It is available at:  Global Journal of Business Research, v. 11 (2) p. 43-53


FDI in the Cuban tourism industry has grown rapidly under the leadership of Cuban President Raul Castro. However, because of the US embargo, the Helms Burton (1966) Act, and competitive business strategies, little scholarly information exists on company experiences in Cuba market entry. This qualitative case study examined the market entry strategies, challenges, opportunities, and actions of 20% of the tourism businesses operating in Cuba. Key results revealed the US embargo constrained Cuba market entry on multiple levels including legal, financial, resources, and supply chain. Cuban decision-making practices were challenging as was the establishment of a business relationship. Relationships, adaptability, and developing unique, Cuba-centric business strategies were crucial to success. Tax strategy, human resources legislation, safety, and security were not factors.